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This page provides a statistical comparison of paired data (e.g. by paired t-test or paired rank test). For example, paired tests can be used to study the affects of drug treatment Only those individuals for which samples at both selected time points/locations are present are included.

Choose time points or locations that should be compared by setting the Secondary Group option. Make sure to select different values for G1 and G2. Set Type to DiversityScatter to compare the community diversity at T1 and T2 as scatter plot. Press Draw Chart.

  • Set Type to BubblePlot to compare measurements at G1 and G2. The size of the rectangles indicate the difference in measurement value when comparing G1 and G2. Press Draw Chart.
  • Set Type to FeaturePlot to compare the value of one selected feature at G1 and G2. Use the feature drop-down menu to select the feature to be compared to. Press Draw Chart.
  • Set Type to Table and press Draw Chart to do a comprehensive paired statistical comparison (using paired Wilcoxon rank test or paired t-Test). Click on the header to sort the table.


Option Description
G1 and G2 The two secondary groups to be compared in the paired analysis.
Test Statistical test used for the paired analysis, e.g. paired t-test or paired Wilcoxon rank test.
Sample IDs Show sample IDs in scatter plots.
Feature A scatter plot is drawn for the selected feature.