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Convert files to Calypso format

File converter

This page allows to convert various file formats to Calypso v3 format.

In a nutshell

  1. Select the format of your file, choose your file, press Convert and save the converted file locally on your computer by clicking with the right mouse button on "Converted File" and choosing "Save file as".
  2. To convert QIIME files, first convert the QIIME mapping file. Set format to "QIIME Mapping", choose the mapping file, press Convert and save the file locally on your computer. Then, convert the QIIME taxonomic assignments (obtained by to the Calypso format. Finally, convert the OTU table.
  3. Open/import the converted Calypso metadata file in Excel and set the group, individual, sample time/location of each sample. For example, if the samples were taken from obese and lean mice, the groups would be "lean" and "obese", the individuals would be the names/ids of each animal. Sample time or location could for example be "T1, T2, caecum, large intestine, small intestine, feces". Save the file in comma separated format. Open the saved file in notepad or Wordpad to control the file format.